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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Les Aventures de Madame Beaubien: Gallo-Roman Museum

The Romans tramped all over Europe and Lyon was one of their major cities. Back then the city was called Lugdunum, and its connection the rivers allowed them not only to control Gaul politically and militarily, but to conduct trade in the Mediterranean.


The photo above is the amphitheatre the Romans first built in 19 A.D. It had a capacity of 1,800. It was expanded in the early 2nd century to house 20,000.

Roman mythology is rich with its many gods, goddesses and accompanying characters. Here are a few of them exhibited in the museum. It's amazing how well preserved they are.


Cyclops. You have to look closely for the eye in the middle of this fellow's forehead, but it's there.


Fortune--represented as a woman.

Hermes--messenger god                              Neptune--god of the sea


Dionysus--god of wine--in mosaic


Dionysus riding his trademark panther (in mosaic)


Zeus--king of the gods


Artemis (Diana)--the goddess of the moon and the hunt 

an aristocratic Roman woman

Dice the Roman soldiers used to play with in their spare time.

The sun marks the entrance to someone's house


The Hydra, one of the monsters of mythology


The Larme let people know they were entering the cemetery section of the city.

The Romans established and maintained an extensive network of roads in Gaul with Lyon as the center. Rivers connected Gaul to the Mediterranean Sea.

A Roman design of a mosaic floor. They were sticklers about filling in every space with all those little tiles.


A cool, calm Roman soldier

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Moving Day

MOVING DAY A -- Thursday, May 25

Thursday, March 25 was Moving Day A. Thanks to U-Haul, I rented a U-Box where I stored the things I wanted to save. A U-Box is an 8'x5'x12' box. It is then housed in the garage at U-Haul. I get double protection: the box and the garage.

I didn't think I could get all of my things in the box, but Prestige Movers did a fantastic job of making that happen. They first went through my house to see what I had and then they calculated how it would all fit in the box. Then they went right to it.


"It's all about geometry," they said. 

"It's also about the customer putting everything in boxes ready to go. Then we can figure out how to pack."

I had spent over a month sorting my stuff into the things I wanted to store, the things I wanted to take with me to France, the things I would leave with friends, the things I would give away, and the things I would pitch. This was a monumental job of organization, but I did it.


 The movers were cheerful, pleasant, efficient, quick, strong, and polite. They did the job in about an hour!

The young man above just joined the company. This young man on the right has been with the company for about 5 years and he is poised to buy it soon. He knows the job from the ground up. I have no doubt he will be successful in this new venture!

The men picked up my U-Box from U-Haul and then drove it back to the garage for storage. They avoided the streets with the most potholes so that my stuff would be secure.

When we arrived at U-Haul, I purchased a lock for my U-Box. Then the men put the box in the U-Haul garage where it will stay for the next 2-4 years while I'm away in France.

I feel more secure knowing that I have double protection of my worldly goods. Thank God for U-Haul!!

Moving Day B -- Friday, May 26

The second moving day was Friday, May 26, when the men from Deacons Conference came to pick up the stuff I would donate. Deacons Conference is sponsored by the Episcopal Church of Kalamazoo. They take furniture and other smaller items and sell it at low cost to the needy of our city. 

 Rudy was the coordinator of 2 young men who were also cheerful, efficient, strong, and polite. Most of the items they took were not boxed and they handled them carefully. They were also willing to pose for a few photos.

They finished this job in less than 30 minutes. 

I was most appreciative that they took my stuff and that someone may find a use for it someday soon.

The good news was that I cleared out most of my house in 2 days.

Meanwhile, I stored a few other things with my sister and friends, whose photos I do not have, unfortunately.  Many thanks to Denise and John Brady, Marge Morath, Andy and Mary Katherine Miller, and Sr. Sue McCrery!!