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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Goats Munch their Way through Parkview Hills

 We had some visitors to the neighborhood: goats who mow the foliage among the trees. They eat everything, including the invasive plants that tend to choke off the good plants.

Caren found out about Munchers on Hooves, who have also been seen at Western Michigan University doing some chewing work on the lawns there.

Goats are natural mowers and these lucky goats have a job ready for them every day. Their owners, who are from Coldwater, Michigan, set up a mobile electric fence to keep the goats in a particular area and other critters, especially predators, out.

To get the goats ready for a change of venue, the owner hooks them up to a leash. The neighbors were both fascinated and appreciative of their goats' work. They also couldn't resist participating in moving them to another munching ground in the neighborhood.

Anita is leading one of the two little brown goats, my favorites. It's not as easy as leading her little Darby dog, however. Goats have a mind of their own.

Neighbors or goats on parade?  (Sorry for the blurry photos. Goats move fast when dinner is awaiting them.)

One of our neighbors who was inside his house and didn't know what was going on thought he saw big dogs or deer walking through the parking lot. Naw, just some hungry goats on to their next meal.

 And, can these goats eat!! Here are before and after photos of one area where they stayed. They ate this foliage in 12 hours.



Munchers on Hooves are available for hire in a neighborhood near you. Just call 517-403-2138.

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