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Monday, July 17, 2017

Tour de France Festival in Le Puy

The City of Le Puy has taken advantage of the Tour de France cyclists' rest day and created a day off and provided a festival for visitors and townspeople. We joined them amid the craft booths, music, restaurants and loads of people just hanging out in town. 

Occasionally, we would see a cyclist taking the day off--by cycling around town. Ya gotta love them!

Here are some photos of our time at the festival in Le Puy.

There were bands.


Cyclists in Baggy Pants

Curious and engaged children 

Local cows to provide local milk 

Local artisan honey

Local ice cream and sorbet. (Noisette is my favorite--it's hazelnut) 

Renaissance queens who will be there for the Bird Festival in September

A pistachio nun in a crêpe habit 

Beautiful swans in the city's central park

T-shirts for sale @ only 12 euros each; sorry they were all sold out before I could get one. C'est dommage!  :(

.....and a lunch of Le Puy green lentil salad with my new colleagues: Sr. Anita, Sr. Line and Sr. Eluiza. A perfect day!!

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