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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cultural Evening -- Europe and Africa

Tonight was the final Cultural Evening night, which featured Africa and Europe. The countries represented in Africa were Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Madagascar. The countries represented in Europe were France, Germany, and Switzerland.

As with all the other presentations previous, the sisters explained different cultural aspects of their countries through videos, dances, demonstrations, and gifts.

The evening began (see above) and ended (see below) with a parade as all the sisters joined in,


The European sisters included the countries of Switzerland, Germany, and France (see below). When the sisters pondered what they would present, they realized that their three countries had a lot in common. One of the most prized commonalities was chocolate, which they passed out among the sisters who gladly indulged themselves.

Manuella, Karin, and Marie-Chrystine

Marie-Christine discusses the similarities between the three countries as Karin listens.

Manuella shares her views....
...and then cheers for Switzerland

Karin shows off some products from her homeland in Bavaria.

Marie-Christine shares some chocolate.


Nicole talked about some cultural facts on Madagascar where she performs her ministry. 

Emma discussed the Ivory Coast.

Astrid explained some of the conditions of Cameroon. She grew up in the Congo but now lives and ministers in the northern tip of the country where there is war. She asked the sisters to pray to remedy that situation.

Astrid also discussed the various uses of "the wrap" that women wear.  This wrap is made of beautiful and colorful cloth that has many uses:

as a means of carrying a baby on the woman's back

as a wrap for walking in colder weather

as a blanket for sleeping

Women also carry water, sometimes far away from their homes, because there is a lack of plumbing or the local water is not potable.

The African sisters also shared some of the games that their cultures play. One is a stick dance. Astrid took the lead and Erin along with Emma and Nicole formed a circle dance. 

Simone was a little alarmed at some of Astrid's stick dance moves.

One other game that surprised the sisters was trying to light a woman's "tail" with a match. Raymonda tries it out, but either Astrid was too fast for her or the match went out too soon.

This night was the next to the last night of the project. After 10 grueling days, the sisters would return to their countries and continue their ministries. They will also spread the good word about cultural diversity and conflict resolution to their families. Here is one last parting photo of the entire group.

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