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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cultural Evening -- The Americas

Tuesday night was Diversity Night at the International Center and the featured countries were the Americas. Here are three Americans   (Erin McDonald, Colleen Gibson and Karin Nuernberg) indulging in the s'mores they made, which was their cultural contribution for the evening. They also created a quiz show about the USA.

They dazzled the sisters' imaginations. 

Well, some of their sisters.

Erin McDonald represents the USA in the parade of the Americas.

Colleen Gibson passed out s'mores.

Of course, Americans come not only from the United States but from Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America. Represented here are the sisters from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the USA. 

Ortencia Pascual of Argentina led the Parade of the Americas on Cultural Evening. Each country shared culture information with a food treat from their countries.


Aparecide Andrade shows the sisters how to dance and then invites them to try it out on the dance floor.

Cleonice da Cruz Yoshizawa and Aparecida stole the show with their Samba.

Cleonice talks about tea served in a special cup with a metal straw while Sandra Eleutério explains a popular drink that tastes like lemonade but has the qualities of fire water. Later, Aparecida hands out Brazilian pens, which everyone scurried to get.


Dulce Fita started out as a solo dancer in a traditional Mexican dance, but Griselda couldn't keep herself from joining Dulce. They demonstrated both the steps and the energy the dance requires.


Dulce passed out traditional Mexican cookies covered in sesame seeds, much to the delight of the sisters.

Argentina and Bolivia

Ortensia Pascual of Argentina and Ericka Salvatierra of Bolivia share sweet treats from their countries.


Mary Clare Seitz of Sudbury, Canada, shared a PowerPoint presentation on Canada, which included several tidbits that most of the sisters did not know--and asked: "eh?"

Crowd Shots

Remya Thomas, Sushma Lakra, Smitha Bishovi, Rani Utukuri,  Bindu O-L

Smitha Bishovi and 
Nicole Raveloarimanga

Griselda Morales, Pepis Pilar (both of Mexico) and Raymonda Saade (Lebanon) liked Cultural Evening, especially the treats at the end. So did Anitha Yandava and Pretty Kujur of India.

The evening ended in joy and excitement and went until 10 p.m. But it was time to retire after a long and hard day. Bye, bye, said Anitha Yandava and Bindu O-L of India. See you tomorrow!!

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  1. What wonderful pictures and commentary! I felt like I was there, hearing the laughter and entering into the whole experience. Thanks so much!