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Monday, October 23, 2017

St. Joseph's Table

Sunday was Joseph's Table Day where the pilgrims buy something at the Farmers Market on Saturday (without telling anyone what they bought) and then cook it the next day. This community-building exercise just shows what women can do both in the kitchen and with each other.

Maria and Kathy make a very fine tortellini and mushroom soup. 

Click here for the recipe.

Carol makes a French dish: radishes with butter. It was beautiful and tasted good!

Marge makes a delicious stir-fry with every vegetable she has available. 

Marge and Mary cut up vegetables for the stir-fry. Oyster mushrooms are especially beautiful, as Mary can attest.

Too many cooks in the kitchen did NOT spoil this dinner. In fact, it only enhanced it since everyone was dedicated to making the noon meal special. 

Even so, the women used every available space they could find. Here Judy and Patsy cut up more vegetables in the hallway while Judy (below) later used a dining room table to grate some Romano cheese for the soup.

Betty set the tables. 

VoilĂ !  A very fine meal made and shared. The women presented each item they purchased and/or made and talked about how it contributed to the meal and God's blessings. 

Thank you, St. Joseph, for a wonderful experience at your table!!


  1. It all looks awesome and looks like a great time was had by all!!

  2. This brings back wonderful memories of the LePuy pilgrimage I was part of four years ago and makes me want to go again. It was the equivalent of St. Joseph's Table; everyone different but perfect together.