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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Les Aventures de Madame Beaubien: Les Crêpes

We made crêpes in school today as we learned how to talk about the ingredients, utensils, and pronoun referents.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my own camera for photos, so I'm relying on Google images.

I tried my hand at using a ladle to scoop up some batter and then spread it out on the crêperie. Not bad.

The photo at the right has room for four crêpes but ours had room for six crêpes. We had enough crêpes for all 18 of the students and a few professors who were buzzing about to have some, too.
Crêpe-making is a specialized art form. The chef can flip the crêpe in the pan. We did it in an easier way: with two flat, wooden tools because we were amateurs. 

We used Nutella and apricot jam for the inside of the crêpe. Delicious!!

This was a great project and I'd like to get a crêpe-making pan and learn how to make crêpe with many different things like cheese, vegetables, eggs, ham, etc. Then, of course, I'll have to learn how to make various sauces.

Being in France makes me want to do everything French, including learning how to cook French food in the French way.  

J'adore la France!!

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