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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Les Aventures de Madame Beaubien: What's for Dinner?

The sisters organized a good-bye party for Sunday. We went to the top of Fourvière Hill and at at Fourvière Restaurant, a very fancy but simple place. Every dish was not only beautiful, it was cooked with delicious with sauces, local produce, tender meat and fish.

 Here is a special appetizer with a mixture of vegetables put into a paté and served cold on ground tomato and pesto with olive oil.

Fresh bread, sans butter, but extra tasty. Look at the color!

Each dish has its own silverware. (left to right) The larger fork is for meat and the smaller one is for fish. The scooped knife is for fish, the next knife is for pork and the last knife is for lamb.

Here's Marie Phillippe's pork dish with pea pods, polenta, squash.

Here's Marie T's dish: fish, pea pods, squash with a smear of chocolate.

 Rose and I had the same dish: lamb, pea pods, au gratin potatoes, squash. MMMMmmmm good!

Our dessert was rum cake with rum raisin ice cream and strawberries--and whipped cream.
Here is Marie Phillippe and Marie T's dessert: mango ice cream with pistachio, strawberry macaroon, a little cake thing with espresso.

Needless to say, we each ate every bite. In fact, this meal held me for the entire day!! I only had two ladles of soup at 7:30, our dinner time. I have embraced the French diet of eating less--mostly vegetables--and walking everywhere (probably 3-5 miles a day). Even the morning's petite dejeuner of fresh French baguette with sweet butter and a small container of yogurt contributes to a healthy diet. I think I've lost nearly 10 pounds over the past 4 weeks! 

If you are ever in Lyon, go up to Fourvière Hill, face the Basilica go to on the street to the right all the way to the end. You will find Fourvière Restaurant....and, here's the view from our table:

Here is Rose and Marie Phillippe outside at the overlook of the beautiful city of Lyon. (Marie T has to leave early.)

J'adore Lyon!!   J'adore la France!!! 

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