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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Remembering Good Friends

There has been a lot of letting-go of things as I prepared for my move to France, but nothing has been more difficult than leaving friends behind. What makes it a little easier is all the support and encouragement they have given me. So here are my friends who are with me on the journey.

Lisa, Nazareth History Room colleague, who dubbed me Madame Beaubien

Peggy, a faithful prayer buddy and great woman of hospitality
Mary, grad school buddy and ace politico, with her grandson

Max the Magnificent makes a do, do

Levi, acupuncturist who readied me for France

fellow CSJ Associates and prayer circle friends

Sr. Sue, great conversationalist and artist, with Emmy

Teddy Bear, Sr. Sue's other cat, who I stayed with for a wonderful week
Sr. Maureen who really knows how to inspire even in early morning prayers
Button, Sr. Maureen's cat

Bow, Sr. Maureen's other cat

me with a guiding light, St. Joseph at Nazareth

Sr. Pam, who helped me "leap" into the CSJ Associate Program Sr. Rita Ann, who helped me obtain my visa

Best leaders I know, Sr. Betty and Sr. Irene

Mentor and teacher, Sr Lois ushered me into the Catholic faith and the SSJs

Sister-in-law, Tracy, fellow traveler and believer in "Under the Tuscan Sun" who gave me a little push toward France

The Sisters of the lunch table at Nazareth, among the many sisters who were great sources of love and support
Best neighbors ever who put on a farewell party for me at Martell's

Dean, philosopher, businesswomen and friend with an attitude
Jack and Joan, always ready for fishing, Tiger baseball and a helping hand
Jan and Jacquo make our neighborhood great
Anita and Darby, next door neighbors and constant companions


  1. Love all the photos of your wonderful friends. We're all ONE, so separating isn't really possible--only letting go--temporarily. Glad to hear that you've arrived safe and are getting settled in. Hope to visit with you in fall of 2018. I'll be in France for a bike/barge experience.